A downloadable game for Windows

Ancient contenders meet at the greatest of the arenas!

We welcome you all to watch the mightiest fight on the Word Tournament!

Use your best arguments to obliterate your enemy! Destroy their rhetoric! Prove them sophists! Show that no one can best you in a debate!


A fighting game without a real fight, is this possible? 

In Rhetoric Fighter, control a iconic philosopher, where instead of swords he attacks with words. Highly inspirated by famous fighting franchise Street Fighter, we created an experience of a fighting game without it's core mechanic: fighting, focusing on input memory, fast response and fast pacing round system.

2 Philosophers are needed to play, as you can't debate alone!

The first Philosopher can use the W, A, S, D keys to input their arguments, and hit SPACE to submit his retort.
The second Philosopher can use the ARROW KEYS to input their arguments, and hit ENTER key to submit his retort.

This game is submitted by these six talented people!
Hugo Tonette Martins dos Santos
Leonardo Cardarelli Leite
João Vitor "SubZero" Trindade
Eduardo Gandra
Vinicius Cortat Btechs
Guilherme Araújo Silva

We made this game in the Game Makers Tool Kit Game Jam!



Rhetoric Fighter 17 MB

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